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Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28, 2015


I've been so obsessed with the kittens and with working that I haven't spent much time in the garden. Imagine my delight when I popped out yesterday and found this rose bud! Remember that rose I planted this spring? For the longest time there wasn't even the smallest sign of life and I was so worried that it wouldn't take but here it is!


I am sooooo excited that my Kindle arrived! I have enjoyed and loved my Kobo for 3 years, but I couldn't resist the recent sale on Kindles. And a HUGE bonus is that Jason's books are available via Kindle. I can't wait to dive into his titles, and it was super cool to look at the "About this Author" and to have Jason' bio pop up right on the screen. Amazing!


Reg's D&D night was last night and we finished up the adventure. It was a blast. We also did groceries yesterday so it was a very long and challenging day. We had a lot of adventurers in and out of the game so I was the only one to play the entire time but it was clear everyone really enjoyed Reg's story and DMing. Pippi the Druid Gnome did her best to contribute and is probably my most klutzy D&D character of all time but she is adorable.


Suzie Ridler said...

Yay!!! So happy there is a rosebud Jamie and isn't it amazing what you discover when you walk away and come back to the garden? Roses take a long time to get comfy and bloom sometimes. The one Mom gave me didn't bloom for over a year! I think it was two years.

Late add from me.

Shannon said...

That is so awesome that you have a rosebud in the garden Jamie! Was this the one that felt a little rough when you go it and were skeptical on it growing?

Sounds like quite the adventureous, full day Suzie! I'm glad that everyone enjoyed Reg's DMing and I'm sure it was an exciting... is it called a campaign? My gaming terms are rusty! I'm glad your character was able to play for the whole thing, that means she... survived, right? ;)

Late add from me :)