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Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015


This weekend Shannon and I made our yearly trip to The Ex! Usually we go on Sunday but this year, because of Justin's birthday, we headed out on Saturday and had a delightful time! Yes, we enjoyed hours at the cat show (of course!) and ate perogies with onion and dill sauce (yum!). We also, for the first time ever, came home with a one of those household wonders like the sham-wow or the slap-chopper that we hope will work wonders: reusable silicone lids that fit a variety of bowls, plates etc. and can even be put right on top of a lemon or watermelon! Suzie, this would definitely be something you would give a try! We'll let you know how they work :)


It was a blast to go to the Ex this weekend with Jamie! So much fun to see all the sights, sounds, and eats, but especially to visit the cat show. There were so many different cats (as always), and I love how some categories have a huge array of kitties, like these 2 sweeties that were both in the shorthair kitten class. Lots of new memories, a few (practical! ? !) souvenirs and of course tons of pictures.


Suzie Ridler said...

So glad you both made it to the Ex! And I am so envious. Sounds like the perfect day and I love those perogies. Yum! I saw that product at our Ex Jamie and was super curious about it. Let me know if it works!

Shannon said...

YAY for the CNE! I had so much fun this year and it was so great to see the cats, have the perogies and walk through the stalls and see all the goodies this year. I can't believe we went practical in the goodies this year! I hope the lid things work, maybe we should buy a water just to find out!

Late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh to go to the cat show!!! Wonderful, thank you for sharing the pics. Yes, let me know about the lids, so curious!