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Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015


Yesterday was the final seminar of the summer series in the studio. I was really excited to share this content. It's so rooted in my performance background and I think quite unique and close to my heart. This series has been really meaningful to put together and share and has created a spine for my book writing. I'm so glad you both could be there. I've put my heart into this series and now that it's complete, I think it's time to slow down a bit and catch my breath before we're full on into September!


Trying something new: Spotify! I think it's already been in Canada a year, so ... that's how long it takes me to hop onboard new tech-ish thing. I guess I'm not an early adopter. Anyhow, I was inspired to do this because it means I can listen to music via my PlayStation. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I picked out a "Hanging out and Relaxing" playlist (or station?) to listen to and the was a few artist I heard of and that was good enough for me. I hope this a nice and easy way to hear some new music.

PS - I'm sorry I've been so absent here! I kinda stopped taking pictures for a bit, I hope to get back to it and back to posting and sharing in the daily fun :)


Reg has been getting some extra work which is AWESOME! He is very happy and I've had a couple of days of making jewellery which has been wonderful. I love these shells but wanted to spark them up with some colour so that's been fun. I've been adding homemade bails to the backs of rhinestones to make them wearable for jewellery. Lots of fun.


Suzie Ridler said...

Is it like a radio station Shannon? I don't know it at all, LOL, I'm very behind the times.

Happy to see you back and totally understand.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad that you have had some time to work on your jewelry, that's so exciting Suzie! And YAY for sparking it up. And woohoo to Reg for getting extra work. Sound good all around.

I'm trying to think of how to describe Spotify. It's isn't quite like radio. Hmm. I think it's more like a streaming music service. You can listen to the playlists people make, or even particular songs or whole albums. I'm on the free level, so there are occasional ads, and there are some limits to how often you can listen to something or how many songs you can skip. I'm still figuring it out, but so far I am liking it, especially as an easy way to listen to new music, or a particular album I'm interested in.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's awesome about Spotify, Shannon. It sounds like you're enjoying it. I should definitely check it out!

Great news about the extra work for Reg! That's so cool. It's great you're having some creative time too. It feels like that has been much needed. I'll look forward to seeing how all these beauties turn out!

Late add from me. And me too about being sorry for being so late to the game here. It's been such a demanding time and this week I really wasn't feeling well. Hopefully I'll be energized soon!

Shannon said...

I loved the Creative Performance Seminar Jamie! I think it is so unique, and so important and is absolutely helpful for people that do creative work. I have been thinking about it ever since, and have started shifting my thinking on some of the things I do because of it!

Shannon said...

And no worries on being late, I was quite late for a bit here too. Hoping to stay more on top of things now :)