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Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22, 2015


Friday and Saturday were all about the cats being fixed and spayed. Their surgeries went really well. Everyone came home with a cone but Shibumi was the only one able to tolerate it! Scout's was out before we took 10 steps from the vet. Escher's was abandoned beside the bed he hid under. It's been a worrying time but everyone seems to be doing very, very well. And amazingly, Shibumi seems to have gotten even sweeter!


Caught up on one of "the" touchstone films of the folks that like all things film and arts related, with Birdman. Pretty freaking amazing. I love all the recognizable things from the theatre world, and all the odd things as well. Well worth watching.


It's been a little surreal to have three days totally on my own. I went for a long walk today and got some errands done. I couldn't help but be drawn to this "Deluxe Kitchen Set" at the store. I thought for a second if I would have played with it when I was a kid and heard a resounding, "NO!!!" in my head. It's fake. It's not real. What's the point? Now making REAL ice cream? I probably would have liked that.


Shannon said...

That's amazing to see what you are drawn to, and then think if you'd actually use it. I still fondly remember my McDonald's Restaurant thingy, and I loved making the little hamburgers. I guess I'm okay with fake, hehe.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

What a great way to stop and actually put yourself back into your kid-ness, Suzie. I bet you're right. Real ice cream FTW!!

Yay that you got to watch Birdman, Shannon. I just knew you'd enjoy it, especially with all of that fun theatre stuff. So great!

Shannon said...

I mean, could Shibumi be even cuter? I guess so! I am so glad that they are home now and that the surgeries went well. You are taking such great care of the kitties!

Birdman was such a thrill, I love films about theatre and this one really got it right on.