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Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015


Art Day was so much fun this week. Carla's new assignment totally appealed to my inner 12-year-old. It was a wonderful relaxed way to spend the afternoon, which was especially a treat because I am deep into getting my taxes ready and that took up most of the weekend.


We had a crazy but awesome weekend. I hurt my feet by walking too far to Fabricland and back. Then we went to the opera and last night we bought a giant at D&D. I'm the one with a tail and two daggers. I've been having fun playing a Barbarian again. It was awesome but I need a break from all the fun!


Suzie Ridler said...

Art day is way better than taxes! I am glad you got a bit of a break Jamie. Cool photo of Shannon! Are you using two markers at once with your left hand Shannon? So cool!

Shannon said...

Hey that's me! heheheeh. I had so much fun at art day this week Jamie! What a fun lesson, so light hearted and fun. I have to remember to fill in my books and get ready for part 2.

I'm still freaking out that you went to the opera Suzie! Sounds like an awesome time and awesome weekend, all around. Save for the sore feet, of course!

I was holding 3 markers with both my hands if I remember correctly :)