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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015


It's not the easiest to get a photo in my closet! Yesterday I really dug in to creating my capsule wardrobe for this spring and summer. I managed to get down to 50 items (not including shoes/jackets) and, you know, I think I'm going to let that be enough. I'm down to a free-moving closet and two drawers in my dresser and that seems deliciously simple. I didn't do any shopping so I'm leaving myself open to buying a couple of new shirts or a pair of just-right pants but I have to trade it out with something that's in there now. I would like a bit more light grey and white and maybe even a flowing skirt. One great thing is that it really made me prioritize what I love and make those things central to my wardrobe.


Another Shakespeare play down! This was my first history of the current reading project, and I can say for certain it was the one I understood the least. A huge character list but only a few that were in it a lot, and even though I could mostly follow *what* was happening, but I couldn't figure out *why* anyone did what they did. I'm really looking forward to watching a version of this one to see if it helps me understand it!


We drove all the way out to Coquitlam to go see our dentist (and we have to go back next week, ugh!) and while we were there I went to another camera store and spoke to a guy about my situation. Everyone says just throw away your camera and start with another one but it's so hard for me. I discovered that if I shoot on automatic, it can work but if it is on the Tv setting I always use, I get this! After buying the drum kit, the last thing I should be doing is buying another camera. I just want it to work!!!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I hope watching the film illuminates Richard II, Shannon. The more I think about it, the more I realize it was always used as an example of "language" in the classes I took. I think that's why I remember that more than the plot!

Oh, Suzie, what a heartbreak about your camera! I'm so sorry to hear that. Did they say what went wrong? I know it is a big expense to get a new one. I hope you'll find a solution that feels right for you.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow Jamie, way to go! And leaving room to add those items is smart and love that it is making the process deliciously-simple. I have yet to count my clothes.

Shannon, I hope watching the film helps too. I could never get into the political ones because not knowing the history behind them makes it extra challenging so bravo.

Everyone pretty much said the camera is just done. I keep getting it to work for a while but then everything goes purple. So sad. I'm looking in to replacements but it's challenging. A huge financial hit I wasn't expecting. I don't think there is a point replacing the body with the same old body that is just going to wear out so that means a new camera. Which means big bucks.

Shannon said...

I absolutely love that we all ended up having the same colour story for our pictures! Black and purple all the way!

It sounds like your capsule wardrobe is really shaping up Jamie! Or...paring down, hehe. I think the process sounds like it's been very helpful, and having free-flowing closet and dresser drawers sounds delightful. Interesting that it brought forward to make the clothes you love a priority, I think that's true for me too! And hopefully I will wear them more :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your camera Suzie! That pictures is totally awesome but I totally understand that it wasn't what you were going for. I hope you can find a resolution that you feel good about. And until then, just bang on your drums really loud!!

I wonder if the language and history will be a real focus in the film version of Richard II, that would actually be pretty cool if it is!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, I hadn't noticed that Shannon about the colour story but you're right!

Yes to banging on my drums! I'm getting there, LOL.