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Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12, 2015


Out and about yesterday I realized I hadn't brought the journal that I wanted to write in, so I popped into the dollar store for a notebook and wow, left with this amazing sparkly tape. What a treat! So was sitting in a coffee shop and writing, writing, writing.


I've been working with the tarot recently, and I am in the process of turning a deck into flash cards to help with memorizing the brief / standard meanings of the cards. Today I worked on the Major Arcana, and they are now drying out their glue stickiness. It was really weird to actually glue stuff to a deck, even though I specifically bought this deck as one for straight up memorization. I hope this method will really help! It's even interesting to look at just the meanings and see if I can figure out which cards they are.


Was a very busy day on Thursday. I had to get the food done for my chicken curry recipe for Ricardo and do all the photography and writing. Also had to get out for errands. This week has been too busy. I'm hoping to have a quiet day on Friday. I really need it.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Shannon, I'm glad you went ahead and started gluing because this is an amazing project! I find myself looking at what you've written and trying to figure out the card! What a cool way to engage with the tarot!

Suzie, that picture is beautiful! Sounds like an incredibly productive day with an awesome result :) The pictures are gorgeous and we're definitely going to have to try that recipe!!

Suzie Ridler said...

Sparkly tape rocks Jamie! And I am glad you were able to pick up a notebook too so you could spend that time out writing. Sweet!

Shannon, wow, that is so cool. And I can see why glueing would feel weird, regardless. Still, what a cool idea for working with the tarot!

Thank you Jamie! :) I was pretty thrilled with how the presentation turned out and so to also have it photograph well? I was pretty happy. The recipe is delicious, you're going to love it. Full of flavour and healthy.

Shannon said...

That is totally awesome sparkly star tape Jamie! Ah, journalling in a coffee shop.. there is something amazing about writing while being out. Kinda magic :)

Your post and that picture are amazing Suzie! What a fantastic job, the chicken looks sooooooo good. I am so impressed. I hope you got to have a quieter Friday after such a busy week.

Suzie Ridler said...

It's true! Writing while out is magic. Not sure why it makes such a difference but a change of space and atmosphere do help for some reason.

Thanks Shannon! I really appreciate the feedback. It was a crazy Friday and will be next week too but I cancelled my plans for today and took it off.