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Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015


I feel so proud that I got out last night and went to choir. With a big seminar today normally I'd be tucked in to the work, going over it one more time and then just one more time. I'm so glad that I feel so grounded in the work and ready to share that I could go out and sing some Elvis!


I'd like to thank Facebook for putting this little collage together of my pics of cutting my hair. I so feel to lazy to actually put one together, but it was exactly what I wanted to have as a pic for today! I am hoping I like the cut, I just French braided it and cut it lower than where the braiding would fall around my neck and I hope I'll still be able to French braid it when it's try. That's the theory at least! We'll see what it really looks like tomorrow.


Oh what a day! I finally could get back to the Yonanas product testing (thank you so much for already watching the video Shannon) and filming. That machine seriously screwed up my hands! Although I was putting it together wrong but it's not easy to work with. Plunging frozen fruit is serious physical business. Still, I channelled Wonder Woman power and got it done. Now I just have to spend time working on the pasta maker and I'll feel a little less stressed. I hope!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that collage, Shannon! What a cool way to do your hair. I hope you love how it turns out - and that it leaves your hair French braid-able :)

Great picture, Suzie! You've got that Wonder Woman energy through and through! Way to get things done! I'm looking forward to the video.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, thoroughly impressed you went to Choirx3 Jamie! And Elvis? Man, they just keep coming up with the coolest ideas for songs.

Shannon, I loved that collage on FB too. How's your hair today?!

Funny Jamie, you gave me the earrings and the t-shirt and were with me when I bought the bracelets. Sister power was in the kitchen too!

Shannon said...

I think it's so awesome you got out to choir the night before a big event. Being grounded in your work is such an amazing feeling. And the seminar went so well! WOOHOO to getting out to sing :)

I loved your Yonanas video Suzie! What a wild product. I'm sorry it was so hard to use, but I'm glad you found a way to like it :)

Day 1 of haircut feels pretty good but it does look a bit stringy. I think I need to remember to use less conditioner thank I used to for my long locks, hehe.