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Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27, 2014


I can't believe that I moved my hair appointment because of extreme weather warnings only to head out on a day that was -25 with the windchill! Still, I simply bundled up and headed out. It's sad to brave hat head after a haircut though! My stylist said the better the cut, the less risk of hat head. I told her I'd test her theory and my goodness, I think she was right!


We happy that while I was out yesterday I popped into Value Village to take advantage of the 1/2 off winter clearance for cardholders, especially as I was feeling the need for some long sleeved shirts and sweaters. I'm sure these will make their appearance in vlogs (and keep me warm!) soon.


No photo for me. I fell down the stairs, got food all over me and downstairs and landed on my lower back. I am sitting upright ATM so I writing now. I am able to breathe with less pain now but holy shit, what a rough day, I can barely walk without Reg's help. Thankfully I got off my clothes before I got completely scalded. Oh, and that was the last little bit of food we have in the house and storms are on their way. Worst day in a long, long time.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, you need long johns! (FB reference). Man, I love that hat. If you're going to wear a hat to the hairdresser's, that is an awesome choice and what an interesting perspective from her.

Shannon, well done, those all look like Shannon clothes to me! I thought they might be Old Navy. Can't wait to see them premiere in your vlogs!

Shannon said...

I love your new haircut Jamie! And wow, this winter has just been brutal, rescheduling form one brutal day to another. What can we do, eh? I'm glad you braved it and that you had your awesome Bear hat to keep you warm!

Holy moly Suzie that sounds like and awful day, I'm so sorry and I really hope that you are okay and that you can heal up with some good rest.

At least 1 of the shirts is Old Navy :)