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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014


It's been one of those times when I'm so tucked into the computer that I'm not taking lots of pictures! But yesterday I got out in the 'hood for my dental hygienist appointment and was delighted to see the moon. It's the Full Snow Moon on Friday and you can see it coming! You can also see the progress on the condo nearby. Suzie, it's moving along since you've been here! I also have to say how much my dental anxiety has improved since going to this new location. I even try to time my appointments so my hygienist and I can watch Chopped together. It's the perfect pace.


Ugh! On Tuesday I had total tech issues with Flickr and so I just focused on making my DIY Pretty in Pink Glitter Bombed Shoes video. I got 20+ minutes down to 2+ minutes. I hope it's clear enough. I think it's a fun-watch at the very least.


Suzie Ridler said...

OMG, Chopped at the dentist? I totally understand why that works but it just sounds funny. I am so glad you found a place that works for you Jamie and makes you feel more comfortable and wow! That building really is coming along. And so is the moon. :)

(I haven't been taking many photos either, stuck inside and all so well done!)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's so good, Suzie, and is making all the difference. It's hilarious to watch Chopped because it's like, one quadrant gets cleaned during the appetizer round, one during the mains, LOL.

I love your video! It's amazing what you did to those shoes. Sparkly! How is the hairspray working to contain the sparkles - though admittedly I love the idea of trailing pink sparkles wherever you go! I also love being introduced to new materials and it's great how you share what you do and how. So inspiring!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that's too funny Jamie! I'm glad you have a food show that helps like that, that's awesome.

Thank you for watching the video. :) The hairspray is a temporary fixative since it is water soluble but it does help a little. That Martha Stewart medium is amazing, that's what Reg used to do his Khan costume, with acrylic paint so I thought, why not?!

I really can't wait to wear them. Although I can't wait to not wear three layers on my feet because of the cold even more!

Shannon said...

Wow, we are already almost at the Full Moon! Wow! And on Valentines - cool :) I love when you can see the moon in the daytime. So the coolest. And I'm so impressed that your dental anxiety has gone down, you have done such a great job at going to the new place Jamie!

Whoa, you definitely edit the most of anyone I know Suzie! 20 minutes down to 2 - that's amazing!!! And switching tech can be a good idea when one is frustrating, that's for sure!