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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014


I didn't get much done yesterday, wasn't feeling very well, but I started designing and creating my own copper pot lid cozies. I am also going to be making one for the handles too. The pots are such good conductor of heat they get so hot so I thought, why not???!!!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's such a cool idea and wicked copper colours! Do you leave them on all the time? Is it safe? So curious!
Way to get creative, Suzie!

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope your'e feeling better soon. ((hugs))

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Jamie! I am going to leave them on all the time as long as I don't put them in the oven. I hope it's safe! I've seen others make and sell them so… I'm tired of burning my fingers. I went to the doc today and got medicine so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, thank goodness.

Shannon said...

I hope the cozies work well Suzie, are they cotton? Synthetic would not be good. Leaving them on all the time might be risky (and they'd be hotter...being at the heat and all as opposed to a non-heated barrier to the heat). I'm sorry to hear you are having burned fingers and points for making your own pattern! I just want you to be safe!

Suzie Ridler said...

No, I think they are synthetic Shannon. OK, I won't leave them on but I can keep the handle cozy on right? It won't be over heat? Oh man, guess I gotta get some cotton yarn.