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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014


Dinner!  Ah, what an adventure...the store was closed, Jamie found soup mix in the pantry and everything green (that's suppose to be green) in the fridge + chicken + pasta and ....voila! Casserole!  Yum!

This happy face, mocking me as I took the photograph, cringing...


I took this photo from inside the car while Reg spent at least 30 minutes chipping off layers of ice and snow that could only be ripped apart in giant chunks. I felt so helpless, like I was suffocating. Three days of constant rain and snow and rain and ice and snow… Getting out to dump off more donations ended up being such a huge deal. Everything is hard here. Everything. The effort to just live is too hard. I am feeling more at peace with trying to sell the house now. I just don't want to feel oppressed by the weather here any longer than we have to. Gravity is about 20 times stronger here. I'm so done.


Shannon said...

Oh Suzie, I'm so sorry things have been so tough and isolating with the weather. I so understand, it can be frustrating to be so limited. I hope the ice finally all got chipped off and that there is better weather soon and that then we'll be hearing of mild weather for you all the time, on a different coast. :)

Suzie Ridler said...

I am so borrowing that idea for a casserole Shannon!

And thanks. Things have been so tough and there was a storm last night and it will be storming until the weekend. It's crazy. I do look forward to getting away from this weather.