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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016


I went out for dinner with my friend Sabine last night. Luckily we got to the restaurant under these amazing storm clouds before the rain started to fall and by the time we left, it was finished. I'm so glad I didn't let the promise of rain put a damper on the evening!


I had another day of having to take it easy, although thankfully today I was less limited. Trying not to be a grump about it all, I decided to try out one of the games I recently got called Never Alone. It is a beautiful game where you play a young Inuit girl and her arctic fox. The cool thing is, you can have it 2 player where one person plays the girl, and one plays the fox, or you can play them both by switching back and forth. It's so gorgeous! And it has all these educational videos that come with it about the culture of the Inuit peoples and their relationship to the land. Pretty amazing!


I made it to Open Studio and discovered that kiwi green is super dark! So I added a layer of white glaze and am hoping that I didn't ruin my epically large serving platter. I had to leave early because of a migraine coming on. Not fair that the new meds cause migraines and I'm not allowed to take ibuprofen while on it. Came home and rested with some Tylenol but it persists.


Shannon said...

Happy to hear you missed he rain Jamie, that is one very excitable sky! I hope you had fun with Sabine!

Wow, that really is super dark Suzie! How is that Kiwi Green? Is it before the firing? I hope the white glaze helps. Yucky to hear more meds challenges. I hope you get a good balance of stuff soon.

Suzie Ridler said...

I love it when you get to enjoy the storm from the inside and miss it when you go home.

Shannon, that game looks gorgeous and sounds amazing!

I have no idea how that was supposed to be a green, LOL. That's after the firing! I am going to try and pick up the platter this week, hopefully the white helped it because.. Yikes!