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Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 23, 2016


The big task of the day yesterday was filming another Creative Living Bookshelf. I can't believe it's episode 13! I had some technical difficulties so this ended up eating into just about the whole day. Still, I hope everyone will love the show!


It's been nice to get back to drawing. I couldn't quite remember my dream last night, but I was able to hold onto this image.


The day started off great. I went to the library, got season 2 of Parks & Rec which I am now thoroughly enjoying and got season 1 of Bionic Woman. I stopped by VV for a couple of fun deals (not the stamps, crazy price!) and even took myself out for a slice of pizza. But then the energy changed and everything got all wrong. Michelle helped me slog it out about my site and revealed there is something wrong with it that I have to contact my ISP about but my phone was dead. Just stupid stuff but it got me all stressed. Hope tomorrow is better!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, it's so awesome to see you drawing your dreams. What a great way to capture them. This looks like a very supportive image :)

Suzie, it's awful that there's something wrong but it's great to think that means there's also something that can be fixed! Thank goodness you were able to get some support and figure out there is a problem. I'm glad that was balanced out with some treats.

It's so weird to see such a high price at Value Village. The big stamps though are super expensive in the store. I'm glad you got some fun deals and good watching ahead too!

Shannon said...

Ohhhhhh Creative Living Bookshelf!!! I will look forward to watching it, I always love seeing what you are reading Jamie! And that reminds me I need to pick a non-fiction book to read this month, eep!

So cool you can get so much TV from the library Suzie! And happy to hear you ended up liking Parks & Rec, sounded like it was not love at first sight. Sorry to hear that there was some stress when the energy of the day changed, but I hope that the site stuff gets sorted.

Crazy price on those stamps! Reminds me of the "boutique" at the auction. I think they should have put a smaller amount in more bags, would be more likely to sell even if it ended as 4 bags of $5!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay! I'm glad you're looking forward to it, Shannon. Maybe there will be something in there that will be a good non-fiction choice for you :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh I love those videos Jamie! I'm going to check it out soon but sorry to hear about the tech difficulties. Is Mercury still in retrograde? Feels like it!

Shannon, that's amazing you can capture snapshots like that of your dreams with your drawings. Of course I am curious to hear who that is you have drawn.

Yes, it is reassuring that something might be able to be fixed with my blog. By adding geo blocking I have stopped the hacking attempts and will see if things get better. If I still get errors I will contact GoDaddy and see if they can do anything.

It's true Shannon, my library has access to so much! It's helping out with the summer doldrums a lot. LOL, yes, the boutique! $20 for a bag seems crazy to me.

Shannon said...

I'm glad you both liked the drawing of my dream! That's all I got from this one. Sometimes I remember what happened, and sometimes it's just a moment or a feeling. That's what this one was. Weird, eh? I don't even know if the person on the right is me... because I remember seeing it like this and that would be the wrong perspective. Weird, eh?