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Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016


This was my view on Sunday. I had expected a lazy Sunday after plans fell through, by my knee decided to make it extremely lazy but adding an arthritic flare to the mix. Not the plan! I would have rested, really ! Anyhow, it was nice that it didn't hurt when I didn't put weight on it, which meant most of the time I was on the couch. Got one book read, watched Need for Speed, napped a fair amount too.


A pretty quiet weekend at home. We did finally get out for a grocery shop and then went to the SPCA thrift shop for some wardrobe stuff for Reg. The beige suit is going to be awesome for his shoot today. I will be shocked if they change his outfit.


Shannon said...

Yay for groceries! Sounds like it had been a while. I hope the suit goes over well for Reg's shoot! I want to ask what it's for but I know if likely can't be revealed, but I hope it went well nonetheless :)

Suzie Ridler said...

One of those unexpected days on the couch Shannon! Bummer about your knee, I am so glad it's doing a bit better. Never seen Need for Speed.

Yes, it had been almost a month since we had gotten a real load of groceries. Reg's clothes were perfect for the shoot and no, I can't talk about it, LOL.