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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016


I did not take many today as there was tons of stuff to do, but I started off the day with a different beverage ... cardamon tea! With the a/c only just taking the bite off the heat this was a nice treat to start the day (yay for having awesome landlords!). And by end of they the a/c was working nicely which was great because the summer has really arrived.


I'm feeling so rough and only had enough energy to get to open studio on Monday that I did not take one photograph. You know I'm off my game when that happens. So here is a photo of me getting organized in the kitchen. Reg took me to Bulk Barn a while ago and I finally have skim milk powder and buttermilk powder again!


Shannon said...

That's so cool you have different kinds of powdered milk! What do you use them for? I've always wondered (save for like.. making milk!).

I am always surprized when I go a day without taking pictures, but it certainly can happen when you are out and doing something you love!

Late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's so lovely, Shannon! And I'm so glad the air conditioning is helping. I just can't believe how hot it has been!

I'm glad you got to Open Studio, Suzie. I hope you get some energy back soon. It's kind of awesome to hear someone excited to have skim milk and buttermilk powder, LOL. Another affirmation of your foodie-ness!

Suzie Ridler said...

It must be hot if YOU want the air conditioning on Shannon, wow! Cool drink. How was it without sweetener?

I first started using powdered milk for bread maker recipes. I also discovered it is really good in coffee but right now I mostly use it for making my own iced frappes on the weekend. It adds body to the drink and protein without a lot of calories. Buttermilk powder if for making my own ranch dressing.

Yay for foodie-ness, thanks Jamie!!!

Shannon said...

Without sweetner the tea was a little ugh. If I had more lemon, and possibly some other fresh fruit, it might have been a bit better. May or may not work on tweaking it.

Oh, milk for bread maker recipes. How interesting. Protein without a lot of calories is always a good way to go. And ranch dressing, yum!