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Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016


I'm sorry I have been so not present. It has been a crazy time for me but I hope I'm settling into a more regular schedule now. It was great to get back to Art Day with Shannon this week. I so loved the watercolour grids we worked on for Y is for Yellow. Zooming was so fun that we couldn't help but think this would be great to stream or record and share! Suzie, we could totally do an art day with you this way too! 


I made it through The Iliad! 16 hours and 41 minutes for the audiobook, and I feel asleep so many times and had to re-listen so it was probably more like 20 hours. It is brutal that only in the last 3 chapters did I feel like I finally understood it consistently, whereas earlier in the book it was hit or miss if I got what was going on. I'm looking forward to diving into the Coles notes or at least the Wikipedia page to actually understand what happened. Even though I didn't "get" it all, it was cool to go on the journey through the story, hear about the Greek Gods (they were often mischievous!), and do my best with listening to an audiobook. I'm super ready for some lighthearted stuff for a while to get back to less intensive reading experience.


What a weekend! I went absolutely nowhere but did everything. I slept a total of maybe six hours because my mind would not shut the hell up. I found out there is such a think as season-induced hypomania and think I might have it. As a result, I was incredibly productive. I got all my sparklies in one container. It isn't much, beads are expensive, but they are now altogether and I don't have to go searching container after container.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Good for you, Shannon! Maybe one of the reasons people go back to these stories again and again is to understand them! Some light summer fare seems in order.

Suzie, your beads are so beautiful! I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling to sleep though. I hope as your body gets used to the season things level out for you.

Suzie Ridler said...

I love that you two got to Zoom art day together and look forward to seeing if I can do it too! :) Sounds like you have been taking crazy-busy to a whole new level Jamie!

Way to go Shannon and yes, you deserve a break when it comes to heaviness of your next book. Hope you pick something fun.

Thanks Jamie. My new meds last night were a definitely improvement already. Not perfect but I got 6 hours of sleep which is double what I have been getting!

Shannon said...

Oh it's so cool to see Art Day from your perspective Jamie! I should have shared a shot like that. I so hope we can do an Art Day all together! That would be so much fun!!

What a beautiful container of beads Suzie! I am sorry to hear that sleep has been so elusive, I wonder if hypomania is it, wow that's intense! I hopeyou get some answers soon.