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Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016


Yesterday Justin and I thought we would combine some exercise with some errands by walking up to Home Depot. When we left the house their were blue skies but before we were even halfway there it started to rain and, can you believe this, hail!! We decided to turn back and were only walking a minute or two before it cleared up. We decided to brave it and no matter what get to the store. The rain did show up again so we were wet, cold but we sure got our exercise! 


I had a bit of hit-n-missing with trying to work my gaming mojo, but I did get to playing the new Tomb Raider and wow... it's tough. I know I haven't flexed my gaming muscles for quite some time but it took me a while to even realize I was working through a mini tutorial before the wide open space of the game. I'll be very curious to see how I like it. So far, it's actually pretty.. scary, in a survivalist kind of way. We'll see!


Most of the weekend was me staying at home getting some projects done but we did manage to get out and see Civil War. For the most part I liked it but as with all Avengers movies, not enough female content. And I'm feeling particularly sensitive around it considering Agent Carter got cancelled. GRR!!!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, that's too bad that gaming has been so hit-and-miss. It seems like it's a whole different world with consoles. That does look pretty brutal even with the picture! I'm glad you had some fun with it though. Maybe it's time to pull out Just Dance, ;) hehe

Suzie, I love the comic book look you created there! So awesome. We are going to try and get out to the movie this weekend. I'm with you on female content though - more please!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie, that photo looks wet and cold! And what's up with the hail? I can't believe the weather you're getting there these days, it's crazy.

I have often wondered about games like that Shannon, if they're too hard, they have gotten so sophisticated! I hope you are able to follow the learning curve with that one and enjoy it.

Thanks Jamie! I bought an app for my phone so I can add special effects like that and am loving it. Yes, more females please! I hope you enjoy the film too.

Shannon said...

Way to go on exercising and errands Jamie, even with the crazy weather! I can't believe it hailed yesterday. It's like after the mild weather for a lot of the winter she decided to throw lots of curveballs at us. Did you get any new plants in that weather?

I'm so sad about Agent Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed Captain America Civil War, I still want to see that one... but I so don't rememeber what happened in the last one!

Just Dance for the win! How that's one game I know how to play :) Tomb Raider is a bit challenging to play, and the whole survival thing feels different when it's so realistic. I got a bit further today though :)