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Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016


A bumpy first time playing Tomb Raider wasn't enough to scare me away from coming back for more and trying to keep Lara alive! It ain't easy! There are lots of elements of the game I'm unfamiliar with, but after watching some YouTube vids and streams on Twitch of other games I'm getting a better sense of how to play. I'm not watched anything that's Tomb Raider because I want to see if I can get through myself with out any tips/walkthroughs. But in classic Shannon Style, I've fallen off many ledges and bridges so it's true that some things truly never change!


I had to rest because of a migraine but afterwards I tried to get back to getting stuff done and it included getting my drill press out which is the first time since the move. I had zero success drilling holes in my ceramic pendants because they are so tough! I'm going to try again tomorrow, only had enough energy for one attempt. I'm feeling claustrophobic just looking at this photo. OMG, the projects! All the projects...


Shannon said...

I love how you have a microwave and a sewing machine together with your tools, and with plans to get a drill press there too! I can get claustrophobic too when there are a lot of projects out. It's a continual have-bunch-of-stuff-out and then put-it-all-away cycle.

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, that game sounds so intense and tough! Smart to go check out other games and do some gaming wreckie. I hope that helps!

I never thought I would have a microwave in my crafts room! Can't wait for my microwave glass kiln to arrive. I really want to get back to sewing so I am resistant to putting the machine away but I can only do so much. So many projects!!!