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Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016


My phone takes photos at the weirdest porportions! I was very excited to get this 48-set of Fiskar gel pens for only $20 on Amazon. I have no idea how good they are or how well they work but I am excited to give them a try. Yesterday I started working with them in my colouring book and so far I enjoy being able to include metallics and neon! 

Today was mostly a rest day, although I did get a blog post up (thank you both for reading and commenting!). But I really tried to take it a bit easy as I've had a busy few days and that has taken it's toll. One of the things I did while resting was watch some TVO (thanks for the recommend, Jamie!), and this awesome lion was playing a game call ROAR and RUN. Where he'd ROAR, and his friends would coming RUNNING. It had me giggling big time.


What a day I had! I wrote a post on becoming a more confident public transit traveller (inspired by Jamie of course) because I finally got my butt to Michaels. Sadly, it was rough. And the store didn't have much that I wanted so I came home and ordered what I needed online, LOL. I did get some goodies though. Felicia Day kept me company on the trip there and back. I came home to do a Twitter party and now I have a small flare in my left ankle. Oh well. I survived.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Omg, that lion is AWESOME!! I'm so glad you're having fun with TVO. I can't believe how much joy and creative inspiration I get out of kids programming. (I watched Little Lunch at lunch yesterday and was totally giggling!) Yay you for resting. You can roar and run another day ;)

Wow, Suzie, way to go for braving the journey. I'm sorry that it was hard and that you are dealing with a flare but yay you for being courageous. It looks like you went on quite the adventure. How lovely it could end with an ice cap ;) And yay I love the frame for that wonderful photo too.

Suzie Ridler said...

PRETTY!!! Those pens look awesome Jamie. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Shannon, fascinating TV choice and that lion rocks. Yay for rest and you inspired me to write a personal blog post too, haven't done that in a while. I've missed it and loved reading yours.

Thanks Jamie. I knew it was going to be tough but I did it and now I know the best and fastest way to get to Michaels which gives me confidence to go on my own. I loved Ice Capps! Such a treat. I really hope there isn't a bus strike. There is still so much I want to go and see.

Shannon said...

Those preportions actually look like the dimension of your phone Jamie! I find sometimes pics I take for Instagram look very different when I download them vs when I post them. Wild eh? These pens look awesome! It's great to have so many different options, metallics, neons, oh my!

What an adventure Suzie! That's so great to to be able to be reading Felicia Day's book to keep you company. I'm sorry the Michael's trip wasn't that fruitful, so challenging when you make the effort and then it's underwhelming. I hope the steak twitter party went well! Can't go wrong with steak :)

Shannon said...

Oh Suzie I'm so glad that you wrote a personal blog post! YAY to rest and inspiration :)