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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5, 2016


Once again, I am sorry I've been so sporadic in posting. This has been such a demanding time! I am so thrown off by not having my regular computer set up and my regular routine going. The good news is that spring seems to have arrived and my data appears to be saved! I'm working really hard on getting my systems in place so that I never have that problem again! Plus I'm really focusing on supporting my energy and health. Yesterday I got out for a 30-minute walk and had a fun time seeing spring in the 'hood and also listening to Susan Piver's podcast episode about the basic elements of Buddhism :)


I hope I won't be so boring as to have pretty much the same picture every day all week, but given the drive to finish this series it could certainly happen! Thankfully today it didn't take as long as yesterday to complete my piece (and pssst... you can see a smidge of yesterdays at the left side of the pic). Only 2 more to go!


With the sale in less than two months away, I took inventory of the earrings I have to sell. I also took some time to play with clay. I haven't been sleeping so I did this during my usual nap time and am hoping it helps that I powered through my tired time of the day with some creative stuff. I am so glad I did. I haven't felt like I have accomplished much this week but now I feel better and am inspired to make more stuff for the sale!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, you are totally inspiring me with your dedication. I think I better figure out what it will actually take over the next couple of days to come to completion! I love this photo of what is yet to come :)

Suzie, that display looks amazing. I can't believe how many earrings you already have to sell. This feels like a very exciting adventure!

Suzie Ridler said...

What is that?! I think that's a kind of magnolia tree, isn't it Jamie? OMG, gorgeous! And it sounds like life is hectic and busy. Yay for data being rescued and for 30-minute walks. :)

Shannon, I am so curious to see the art! Thanks for sharing a peek and good for you for continuing on. So inspiring!

Shannon said...

Wow, another gorgeous flower picture Jamie! And I understand the sporatic posting, I certainly have bouts of that myself. I didn't reazlied you were still without your regular computer, that is such a challenge to put off kilter that way.

Wow, what an amazing inventory you have Suzie! So many earrings and you are so going to rock that sale. Sorry to hear about the not sleeping much, but it sounds like you spent the time well which is always a good thing.

I tried to just add getting to the page every day, and put aside some other to dos. I will have lots to do later, that's for sure! I really hope I'll have the apartment sorted by the time of the next series!!

It will be nice to get to share the series with you two once I'm done! I can't wait.

Suzie Ridler said...

I hope so Shannon! I hope I have enough by the time the sale happens.

I can't wait to see the series!!!