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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24, 2016


Yesterday I spent some lovely time putting packages together for Give a Girl a Journal and then going out to the post office. It's been taking a little while to find my groove, to play with different components until it feels just right, but I think I'm finally there. I was also a bit concerned about the cost of postage but it looks like if I keep the journals small enough to fit in an envelope, we'll be in the right price range, which is a relief. It is exciting to think some girls will be receiving journals maybe even this week!


More of this thing called "food". It's been interesting to try and find a good regular rhythm of the everyday things like cooking in the new place, and I did recently make the first real-food meal of the mushroom/bacon thing that needs a name (because I have too many mushroom recipes to simply call it the mushrooms), but last night I made simple spaghetti. With penne, of course because.. that's what I bought last week for something else. Funny. It's still tastes good, no matter what the kind of pasta to go with the sauce!


I have the sleep clinic tomorrow and a ton of other appointments coming up and am absolutely stressed and trying to find ways to keep my mind pre-occupied so I got back to the Culinary Institute of America's cooking class I signed up for ages ago. I have been saving it for when we cut back on cable but needed it today. I have a pot just like the one he is holding and the cast iron pan too!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Look at that food focus!

Shannon, it's great you're finding your foodie way in the new place. It's so funny you have so many mushroom recipes! I wonder what this one should be called. This one I always think of as coming from Mom too - though we all make it slightly differently :)

Suzie, how awesome is it that you have the same gear as the chef from the Culinary Institute of America! So cool. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy the class, though I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling so stressed. I'm sending lots of love for the sleep clinic and all the other appointments. I hope everything is smooth and gentle and turns otu well.

Suzie Ridler said...

Shipping is always the tricky part Jamie! I am so glad you figured out a good size for them and yay to getting them out to girls!

Shannon, it's so awesome that someone else calls that dish spaghetti even if you don't use spaghetti noodles, I do that all the time and it looks awesome.

Thanks Jamie. That is one of the next four appointments down and it was brutal to be up before 6 am and take a bus to the other end of the city where I have no idea where I am going. Thank goodness for Google maps!

Shannon said...

Those Give a Girl a Journal stickers are awesome!! How wonderful to spend some time putting the packages together and getting them out, and good news that keeping them envelop sized will keep them in a good price range. I think it is sooooo exciting that girls will be receiving so soon! How wonderful :)

Sounds like you are in good culinary company Suzie! I'm sorry to here that things are stressful and that there are so many appointments, but you are finding ways to manage it which is sooooo good. And wow, that orange pot is just freaking awesome!