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Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016


It was so great to get back to Art Day! Shannon and I are already having a great time with Carla's year-long Y is for Yellow class. We're in "B" which is about the colour blue. It was really interesting to work in layers with watercolours. Lots of learning going on!


It was nice to have an Art Day Sunday with Jamie this week! This layering value study was really interesting and I learned a lot about my own preferences while we worked on them. Amazing how having the time to wait between layers turns into interesting art making discussions.


My friend Kris and I decided to try and sell some stuff online and maybe at flea markets. I just picked up this gorgeous retro high quality resin bangle which I can't sell online because of the height but maybe at a flea market. It's the first time I have been excited about anything in a long time. I'm even thinking about getting back to making stuff myself.

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Shannon said...

What exciting news Suzie! Not that it's not very ship-able, but that you are excited about selling stuff online and/or at flea markets. And making stuff! Woohoo!! That's a great turnaround, I am so happy for you :)

Late add from me.