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Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015


Well, the birthday celebrations began the night before. Justin and I went to the Christmas market in the Distillery district and then out to dinner at a lovely French restaurant there. It was absolutely packed! We had no idea that this was such a big thing with such a draw! This is the picture we took as we were leaving and everything was closed. It's amazing how magical things are in these moments afterwards. The tree was spectacular and dinner was a treat. My birthday is off to an amazing start.


I'm very excited about my December Advent-Ture Extravaganza. This has all the big to do's that I want to do in December, and any time I get one done I get to colour in the image! I hope this will provide some fun, positive energy and incentive to get to do a bunch of stuff instead of it feeling more like 'just one more thing on the list'. Here's hoping!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I absolutely love the way you've run with this idea. So much fun! Here's to making it a game!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that looks like it was a stunning night out! I love the Distillery District but have never been there at night and it looks perfectly magical.

Shannon, that is such a cool idea, I can't get over it and your drawings are amazing.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad that your birthday got off to a magical start Jamie! This looks like wonderful way to start off the celebrations :)