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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2, 2015


I still can't quite believe it's December already. Where did this year go? And, I was totally forgetting to take pictures again, but at least I got my Morning Pages pic this morning (I forgot the day before, can you believe it???). I actually am writing my MPs in a book because I ran out of loose paper. It's wild because that's how I used to always do it, and I slipped back into that way of doing it way easier than I thought I would.


Tuesday I ended up getting a lot of stuff done, got out for a walk, came home cooked and then made an early dinner so we could go out to see The Peanuts Movie. I've always had a complicated relationship with this world. I always feel so bad for Charlie Brown but I am glad I watched it. It had heart which I was so happy to discover. A kid movie with heart that did not talk down to kids. Brilliant.


Suzie Ridler said...

Sounds like you're getting back to the basics Shannon and wow, yes, so weird you forgot to take a photo! Life's been like that for me too. I wish they had movie posters at the theatres so I could take a photo from The Peanuts Movie but they don't have them at our fancy movie theatre. Bummer!

Shannon said...

Sounds like a pretty great day Suzie! I'm glad you got out to and enjoyed the Peanuts movie, I didn't realize that you had a complicated relationship with the world. Charlie Brown definitely is a character that gets the short end of the stick. I'm thrilled to hear that the film has heart.