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Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24, 2015


Reg and I are trying to play catch up when it comes to our anniversary and getting out and doing some fun stuff together. So we went up Grouse Mountain via a gondola and if that wasn't enough, took the ski lift up to the top. You see that round island looking part? That's downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. BTW, turns out I am terrified of ski lifts. They look like fun swings but OMG, I had such crazy vertigo. The bears rocked though. The super long wait to get down? Not so awesome. The weather could not have been more perfect though. What a gorgeous day.

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Shannon said...

Wow that looks really high Suzie! It's pretty awesome that you & Reg are taking the time to celebrate your anniversary now, sounds like quite the adventure. Sorry about the vertigo and long waits, that's not quite as fun. Good thing there were bears to make up for it.