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Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015


Oh, it was so good to be back to Tanya's coworking, especially in her new fabulous environment, including a fireplace and cats. I mean, what could be bad?


In the spirit of yesterday being Back to the Future day, I thought I would share a then-and-now type pick. First, an admission. I have been watching Mortal Kombat on Netflix, repeatedly, and enjoying it. If that isn't odd enough... I kept feeling like the guy who plays Johnny Cage felt really familiar. Turns out here is, as he also plays Sheriff Stilinski on Teen Wolf. How after 5 seasons of Teen Wolf I never made this connection, I'll never know.

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Shannon said...

Wow, Tanya's place looks awesome Jamie! How great to be co-working again, I bet the cats there missed up! Look at that one cozy by the fire. So sweet!!