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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015


Yesterday was quite a day! After work we all went out together to cast our vote. Then back to our place for a night of pizza and politics! What a change swept across the country. I'm so curious to see where it leads.


If ya didn't get to see the speeches, here is Justin Trudeau's acceptance speech, Tom Mulcair's concession speech and Stephen Harper's concession speech. It was an exciting, albeit long, night..CBC has the numbers here which weren't finalized but the time I went all sleepyland. I'll be very curious to see where things go from here.


Had another art class on Monday. I do the exercises so quickly that I end up having time on my hands to do other things like this painting of apples from Victoria magazine. I am learning how to let the paint flow into the water and around on its own which is fun to watch and see happen.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Shannon, thank you so much for linking to the speeches. I just couldn't stay up for them and am really interested in watching them all. It was great to share the evening and watch the results!

Suzie those are absolutely gorgeous! I love your art! It sounds like the watercolour explorations are interesting. I hope the class gets better and better for you.

Suzie Ridler said...

It really was a big day for Canada yesterday! I didn't see a majority coming at all so no way I won the contest this time. I am truly suffering from election fatigue though. I just hope that Trudeau stays true to his ideals and doesn't get controlled by party politics. If that happens, I'll be happy but when it comes to this world, I am a little disillusioned these days.

Thank you Jamie! I am still wanting more instruction and a little frustrated but I enjoy the parts where I do my own thing and the class is far from strict. Once I realized that, I felt a little free-er.

Shannon said...

Pizza and politics! So much fun Jamie! I'm glad we all got out to vote and I had a lot of fun watching the coverage. It will will be interesting to see what happens, it's already sounding like big changes are coming. I"m glad the speeches links were hlepful!

Beautiful painting Suzie! That's cool you had time to explore more that the assignment, go go initiative :) Working with watercolour can be very interesting, and unpredictable, because you don't always know what the colour and water are going to do.