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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


Yesterday I was delighted to get some time for art day! It was great that the lesson we're workign on simply started with doodles. I've been really surprised by so much of what's going on with me creatively right now - and I'll share more on stART!


Art Day! It was really interesting to do this art day ness, I'm still settling on which face to use or if I want to keep making more potato heads, but so far this one it quite in the lead for the running.


I ended up deleting the Damn the Man blog but I just haven't had the heart to write on my suzieridler blog. It's just too associated with the past. So much change is coming for me and I want to really embrace it and document it. All of it starting off with the move and then my life out west. I am hoping to continue crafting and getting involved in the geek culture out there. Fingers crossed. So I created my latest blog Crafter Geek & Freak.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I loved art day, Shannon! It was great to see all of your potato heads. I love this one. It will be awesome to see which you choose to move forward with!

That looks like a beautiful new space, Suzie, ready for some creativity! Things really are changing and documenting can be so powerful and grounding.

I keep thinking it would be fun to turn older stuff into a book with something like Blurb.

Suzie Ridler said...

Look at all the lovely art! Can't wait to hear more about it during stART. Potato heads Shannon? What are you choosing it for?

Thanks Jamie! Yes, exactly. I want to document and move away to a new blogging space and eventually make it my future online home. At least for a while.

It is a cool idea to turn an older blog into a book!

Shannon said...

Love the artwork Jamie! It's so exciting to see you drawing away. I totally can't wiat to hear more about it on stART!

Sounds like a new blog reaffirming your new direction is a great place to be right now. I look forward to seeing it develop Suzie!

Potato heads is a term the instructor used in Lifebook and I thought it was totally cute and unintimidating. You choose one for the next step in the exercise, but I didn't want to say to much because I don't know if you've done that one yet.

And I totally like turning blogs into books is a brilliant idea!

Suzie Ridler said...

Yes to unintimidating! No, I haven't gotten that far but I may start jumping in with the new classes. I hope it's OK if I share from that! Otherwise I am just feeling so behind.