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Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014


After a balmy 7 degrees on Tuesday, look what arrived yesterday! I watched the storm all day from the studio. It wasn't so bad being an indoor observer with a cup of tea.


 So... four tries recording direct to YouTube and no luck! Grr!  But, downloaded Movie Maker and wasn't too bad recording directly to that (thanks for the recommend Jamie!) and then the upload wasn't all that bad.  And I figured out how to clip off the end, which I wouldn't normally do but I goofed and needed to.  I hope I don't get crazy hit by the editing bug.  But the happiness of it all was I got my video up, and it sounds better than my regular ones (yay) although doesn't look are sharp (aw, well). Constant learning!


I did too much yesterday but couldn't help it. I did a second kitchen cupboard. This way the two worst ones are now officially done! But my back is really hurting. Last night I dreamed I told someone I was leaving Nova Scotia so there is obviously a mental shift happening and I like it.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, look at all this work being done!

Shannon, I'm so glad that worked out. Maybe you've been vaccinated against the editing bug :)

Wow, Suzie, that looks like so much work. I'm glad to hear the most demanding cupboards are done! Everything is looking so great!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, we're getting the same crazy weather. This March has been nuts! I'm glad it's not bringing you down in your studio though.

Shannon, so sorry you couldn't tape live like usual, are you still having issues with Skype too? Glad that you learned how to make the video and hopefully not get too caught up in the editing. :)

Thanks! I totally did too much yesterday but at least those cupboards are done!

Shannon said...

Oh look at that snow fall down Jamie! It was crazy...all day...snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow! And now.. cold. Nutty. Watching from the inside is much better :)

Wow Suzie, you really are on a mission with the kitchen. I ham glad to hear the worst cupboards are over.

I haven't tried Skype recently Suzie, so not sure. This adjust was just for YouTubing. One tech issue at a time!