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Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014


Guitar night last night! It was a very small class - only three of us there, which meant lots of nerve-wracking personal attention, LOL! We made great progress on the classical piece that we're learning and got a new song, You Can't Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones. I am so loving having this in my life - not to mention what has kind of turned into date night with Justin!


I recently started The Sweater Project 2014 and am sharing the journey of the sweater over at my YouTube channel.  I have already made some really good progress and have been much more motivated to keep working on it (read: I've actually *done* stuff!).  Of course, I have my trusty yarn sided sidekick to keep me moving forward too! 


I just finished with packing up the kitchen (five boxes) and next is my crafts room. One task I have been dreaded is emptying out the closet and priming it. It's still that dark blue the crafts room was. Reg kind of freaked out when he saw all the stuff that will be going into storage. I am still getting rid of stuff but there is a lot I want to keep and it's kind of freaking me out too. 


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay to the sweater project!! (I'm totally hearing Meryn Cadell right now). I'm excited to follow along. Yay that it's supporting you in getting stuff done. Looks like your sidekick is excited about this project too :)

Suzie, moving is so much work! Yay you for making such great progress. You're really working on your core spaces where you have invested so much in building: kitchen and creating. No wonder you'll have a lot! I'm sure Reg will feel the same way when he gets to his music stuff ;) It's amazing how our stuff can really let us know our priorities!

Suzie Ridler said...

Good for you Jamie! I know it can be nerve wracking to get all that public attention but it sounds like you and Justin are having a great time and love that it has turned into a date night.

Mr. Man is such a model! I hear Meryn Cadell and Weezer too, LOL. I love the videos Shannon and I don't even knit!

Thanks Jamie. It's been such a challenge and yes, these are my core areas. Once we get stuff out of the house, we can move furniture around and really get the staging done.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad that guitar went well, even with it being a nerve-wracking personal attentionness! And so cool that you got a very classic rock on song. I look forward to hearing it :)

It's important to go through the process, and you've grown so much and with that comes acquiring new stuff - just think how much fun it will be to visit it again when you meet it again. I was surprized how much stuff I put in storage too, but hey - that's what storage is for! It literally is space, after all! And it's temporary, too :)

I'm so glad you are both enjoying The Sweater Project, and my little helper! heheheh

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

And let me just say I have no idea what that splotch of green is. So weird!