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Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014


Yesterday was a really tough day in so many ways. I worked my heart out on the dreamboard workshop and then because of web insecurities couldn't launch it. The web stuff is so worrisome and like navigating sharky waters but I made great progress. I'm also definitely coming down with what's knocked Justin out for a couple of weeks. And, it was Mom's birthday and I was missing her so very much. The hilARious thing was that I had held onto one of those Christmas lottery tickets and decided that yesterday was the perfect day to play. Look what the very first thing I uncovered!!! It was definitely Mom's way of saying hi.


I cataloged my yarn the other day, and in doing so realized I had LOTS of yarn - including lots of sock yarn. I love making socks! Why wasn't I making socks? Because I didn't have a sock pattern on me! After a fair amount of searching and head scratching I cobbled one together from a few patterns online. I'm testing it out. The left picture is the cast-on, which felt WAY too small, but by the first row it was looking larger and more promising. Hopefully it will all work out!


Yesterday was a horrible day. Not just because it was Mom's birthday. Stress was over-the-top and we should have stayed home blah blah blah. Then, on the way home from Staples I saw it. A phenomenon called "a pillar of light". Reg had told me about it recently. It's when the sun sets and the ice crystals above it brighten into a pillar of light. It's quite rare and so beautiful, my photos from the car did not do it justice. I just felt that if Mom was going to send us a sign, this would be it. It was magnificently beautiful. So that helped me a lot.


Shannon said...

omg Jamie that's so funny! Mom's birthday definitely showing up everywhere, isn't it? I'm sorry that the web stuff made it not possible to launch right away, I know you've been working so hard on the workshop. Hopefully that will get settled and you can rest, rest, rest.

Wow, those pictures are gorgeous Suzie! I've never heard of that phenomena before - it's beautiful! Mom is showing up everywhere!

Late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, that's awesome! I love how cataloguing led your way. Can't wait to see how your socks turn out!

Suzie, wow, that is amazing. I've never seen anything quite like that. It's just blazing! Mom sure knows how to make a statement (cue thunder!)

Suzie Ridler said...

Look at Mom saying hi through Bingo, LOL. That is so her! I am so sorry you had such tech issues Jamie, that is so frustrating. I do hope that phase is now over and you can launch.

Shannon, you must make socks! LOL. They are so you and I wear the ones you made for me when I sleep all the time. They're lost in my sheets right now. I love that you "cobbled" the pattern together, that's awesome.

Isn't that sky unbelievable? The photos really didn't do the phenomenon justice, it was breathtaking and so odd. Yes, cue thunder.

Thank you all for your notes on Mom's birthday. I was quite the mess and knowing my siblings are there for me and I am there for you really helps.