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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014


Yesterday as I was working on my dreamboard workshop (which launches tomorrow!), I went looking to see if I had any pictures of my earliest dreamboards - and I did! Imagine my surprise when I saw that big ol' bear there!!! This dreamboard could literally be one that I made now, hehe.


More flags!  I'm having a blast working on these, although I really have to limit how many I can do at a time because it's detailed (aka hunched-over) work.  I'm really enjoying working on these.


I did it! I used my Instant Pot and cooked black beans in under an hour. I had a few "freak out" seconds because I was so nervous but it's all good. Yay!


Shannon said...

I *really* remember that dreamboard Jamie! Wow. What a treasure to still have a picture of it. And YAY for bears. I think that it's there and still shows up is totally cool.

Way to go on braving the Instant Pot Suzie! Those beans look very well cooked. What a treat to have such a great piece of equipiment, even if it gave some freak-out moments!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks, Shannon! I do too. It really stuck with me.

I absolutely love your flags, Shannon. I am amazed by the detail. They really are works of art.

Wow, Suzie, that is amazing! So is the Instant Pot a pressure cooker? That really is a feat.

Suzie Ridler said...

I think I remember that dream board too Jamie! That is just so amazing.

Shannon, how on earth do you do the flags that are in another language like that? It's amazing and I love that you're doing this project.

The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker that also saut├ęs meat, makes rice, beans, soup… You name it! Even congee.