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Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014


I'm launching a new workshop next week so I am really tucked in, focused and working. Yesterday, as I spent hours at my desk, I had to laugh at the collection of jewellery that's accumulated on my desk! Today the pile is even bigger, hehe. It makes me feel a little bit like I leave a bit of shine behind, wherever I go!


I have to take more pictures on the everyday!  Good thing I caught this cute one of the cat, so I would have something to share!  Was a pretty full day, although I bet it was full-er for the Birthday Suzie :)


Here is Auntie Laima singing Happy Birthday to me! It was awesome hanging out with her as I did my owl test project. I did most of it on my own (it took forever) but it was the perfect project to get my mind off the worst blizzard of my lifetime raging outside on my birthday. That and all the fabulous birthday wishes and OMG, Jamie singing to me live on YouTube! I still can't get over that Jamie. Awesome. Shannon, due to the weather there was no postal service but I am sure your package will arrive to cheer me up soon. :)


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love your random cute cat pics, Shannon!

Suzie,that's so awesome you got to spend time with Auntie Laima on your birthday! And that we both sang you Happy Birthday, haha! Can't wait to see how your owls turned out. I'm so glad you guys are hanging in with that blizzard!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I love your photos! And your studio is working great as a photography studio, the jewellery looks stunning and I am glad you always had a little bit of glam nearby.

Shannon, I hear you, me too, photos of the every day. Which is all I have here right now! Snowed in and all.

Yes, it's true, I was sung to twice yesterday! Both of video, LOL. I think because of the blizzard I am going to be milking my bday for a while, LOL.

Shannon said...

Leaving a shine behind! That's awesome Jamie - sparkles, shine and silver everywhere. :)

I'm so glad you have awesome birthday wishes, time with family and crafting on your birthday Suzie! Sounds like you had a great day :)