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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014


These are my vision cards for 2014. Once again I have loved creating them and sharing the Vision Card workshop with people. Yesterday I recorded the podcast and shared how over the years I have honed in on my core life focus areas and now it is so much easier to align my time with what's important to me.


More Origami! Yep, I graduated from a paper cup to an elephant head & legs.  The legs were easy (and after!) the head which wasn't easy.  It took many tries and quite a bit of thinking.  But I did it!


Reg had to go to Staples last night so I tagged along and we also stopped by the Bulk Barn. I had done the groceries earlier in the day thanks to a cab but there were a few esoteric items like juniper berries and celery seed that I ended up getting at the Bulk Barn instead. I am currently investigating what you actually safe money on if you buy from them. It has been fascinating!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love your elephant, Shannon! It sounds like origami is already being quite a journey!

That sounds like a fascinating exploration, Suzie! It's like something they would do on marketplace. And wow, I'm impressed they have something like juniper berries!

Suzie Ridler said...

Your vision cards are amazing Jamie! And I am glad you have learned so much over the years of making them. :)

Shannon, what a challenge origami sounds like it is for you and what results! So playful and fun. I love it.

I have to pretty covert about comparing prices since BB does not allow you to take photographs in their store. I think I know why, a lot of the time it isn't a deal but sometimes, it is!

Shannon said...

Your vision cards look awesome Jamie! I think it's amazing how much you work with them and share the workshop with others. I also love that you keep them in little protector sheets - they look *so* great that way!

Number crunching and juniper berries! That sounds awesome to me Suzie! I think it's great that you got out to get food not only once but twice and got for groceries! I hope they get to some fun esoteric recipes with those ingredients :)