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Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 7, 2013


It was a day of tucking in and getting a whole bunch of work done, including organizing the blog-a-thon swap, which is going to be so much fun!


Had a bit of a haphazard day, so sharing this pic of different socks (which I didn't realize I was even wearing til halfway through the day) and my slippers with only 1 pompom between the two of them. Plus, the pic self rotated in the wrong direction all on it's own. Altogether, it feels like a very good representation of the day!


Happy Birthday Jamie from me and Reg! :) I sense a trip to the Beaches today and maybe some French toast? I hope so! Whatever you do today, I hope it rocks. Miss you! Lots of Love. ~ Suzie


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Your slippers almost look like a match for mine. I have one pompom left too - on the different foot!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Suzie! We did go down to the beach and yep, French toast was thoroughly enjoyed. YAY!

Suzie Ridler said...

Looking so forward to the swap Jamie! Love singing the blog-a-thon in action.

Shannon, wow, what a crazy day you had! My Jayne hat pompom is falling off too. Think we need to do some mending perhaps?

Shannon said...

Woohoo for blogathon fun Jamie! I am so happy we included a swap - I can't wait for people to share their swappage :)

And YAY for the birthday wishes, it's totally beach-y.

I think I might repurpose my pompom, but if it was a hat then it's definilely worth mending :)