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Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013


It was so great to get out and about yesterday. I loved having a chance to stop for coffee, read and journal, as well as walk through one of my favourite neighbourhoods. I only bumped into two cats, this being one of them. They were both clearly weathered outdoor cats not appreciating the colder turn of weather. This poor little boo scratched herself with such abandon that she rolled right off the fence and onto the ground. Of course, she didn't appreciate being seen in that vulnerable moment and so walked past me as though nothing had happened. I can't help but call her Itchy.


I was tempted to post a picture of like...outside because I did trek out to Value Village yesterday, but this picture really called to me as it was nice to come home and relax and catch up on The Originals and of course that meant my TV notes book and coffee and a snack. You can also get a sneak peak at my journal (which I did choose!), although I didn't quite make it out to journalling yet. But I will soon.


Another crazy day, this time going out and getting last minute items and food supplies for Hal-Con. I was walking past Joe when I saw these shoes for little girls. Fashion has come a long way for kids, I would have loved these when I was a young kid and wish they had them for adults! We were up last night doing a dress rehearsal for Hal-Con and realized I needed to put together some jewellery which was no problem. I don't know if I will be online the next few days but I will try to post photos soon!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that "command central" picture of your afternoon. Yay to some quiet, yummy snacks and your TV - plus a journal has been chosen!! I feel like there should be a sound track and some sunlight should shine down on the chosen one :) Enjoy!

Those shoes are awesome, Suzie. It's so funny. I was just at Tanya's and saw here daughter's sequined shoes and thought - why don't they make those in grown-up sizes!

Can't wait to see your outfit. Have a wonderful time!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that cat is beautiful and yes, looks a little sheepish and embarrassed but it's so cute! Glad you were able to get out yesterday.

It's true, command central big time Shannon, love it and that fruit looks so good. That's awesome you got out to VV and have finally selected your journal.

It's true! Why do girls get all the sequins on their shoes?! Maybe I have to find a way to add sequins to mine. :)

Shannon said...

Itchy the cat! I love hwo you meet cats everywhere Jamie, and it is that time of year where now it is colder yet they can still be out. I think it's the seasoned ones that know the winter is to come.

You did a dress rehearsal for HalCon Suzie? That is so awesome! I hope you took pictures! I'm sorry those shoes didn't come in your size. Maybe you'll find ones that are even better!

And haha, I didn't think of this as command central but of course it totally is!!!