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Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013


I am thrilled beyond measure that I have started to create these dioramas! After our conversation after stART I just knew that it was time. I pulled out a tile from the kitchen reno. I cut up a place mat to support it. When I was out, I was called by that mug with the number 5 and so it became the first piece on the board. The process feels sacred and is stirring so much in me - and that's why it's kind of catching my eye that those looks like orbs in the photo, don't they!!! I've invited everyone in the house to join in, if they like. I know Justin said he already has an idea, and I love that. Maybe the spirits are adding to it too.


More at-the-desk pics!  This is what 'working on Hexed' looks like, after me and Suzie have fun chatting about all the shows.   Wow - I still love having the double screens and I just noticed I have both electronic notes and paper notes!  I guess I'm very note-centric :)


This week I have not been sleeping so I go through videos and edit them at night. Yesterday I shared the big PC Christmas Box Reveal on my blog! I am so happy that people watched it and commented that they loved it. I feel like I have turned a corner. I still can't believe how dark my hair is BTW but I think it works. Man, I have so much reviewing to do! I am glad they sent it so early.


Suzie Ridler said...

It's true! Look at the orbs! Well you made the right choice Jamie, energy is literally stirring around your beautiful evolving diorama. :)

Wow Shannon, it's incredible to see the "behind the scenes" at Hexed. Yes, notes are very important to you and I am so grateful you take them!

Shannon said...

I'm loving watching the diorama come to life Jamie, I never know if the next time I see it there will be something new! And active adventure and story unfolding every day :)

How awesome to have a Christmas comes early vlog already Suzie! And even better to feel like you've turned a corner on that front; that must feel so good!