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Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013


Today was dedicated to preparing for Prosper - going over the material, testing the tech, finalizing the playlist, creating the surrounding emails, processing registrations. It gave me the opportunity to discover how easily a diorama can develop and add to the day without taking any time at all.


Had a great time as always chatting with Shannon for Hexed and also went out to Chapters last night! Very unusual for us to be able to drive into town during the week but Reg had a bday card to use. I was excited to see pillows until I saw they were $45! Why are pillows so expensive? We need colourful ones to brighten up our living room. I think I'm going to Target next. It will be my first visit! Hopefully they will be more reasonably priced.


Suzie Ridler said...

Preparing for Prosper, I love the sound of that. I adore you are working on a new diorama Jamie and that a unicorn came out to play.

Shannon said...

Wow, it's so wild to see the Diorama's beginning Jamie! Diorama 2 that is, it's so cute to see the awesome unicorn and the trippy lake :)

Yay for going to Chapters Suzie! I love going to bookstores. I think you had more luck at Target for pillows, eh? I would imagine they would be more likely to be there. Stuff like that at Chapters always feels very gift-y options and not their regular items and therefore overpriced. I wonder what normal price for pillows is? Hmm.