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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013


My nose is 100% to the grindstone right now. I have 5 big projects on the go, 3 of which have strong upcoming deadlines. Yesterday I spent hours and hours on the visuals for the new Wishcasting e-course. This picture is the first prompt. I am so pleased with how it's coming together. I worked on it until midnight last night - mostly with joy and then with some frustration as I realized one of my settings was wrong for several of the prompts. Aarrgh!! Today I'll decide whether that's yucky enough to redo them or if only I would notice, LOL. It's going to be like this for at least a week and a half. I'm trying to stay with the enjoyment and not stress about, well, about any of it!


Fitting image for yesterday, as one of the things I did yesterday was renew my library card so I could access ebooks again! I had a feeling I would need to renew soon but would have loved to have some lead time, as opposed to my card simply start working. Even so, the lady at the branch was very nice and now I know how far away my new local is.

Yaya Han's Workshop "The Evolution of Cosplay" at Hal-Con 2013


Yesterday was once again all about Hal-Con but Yaya Han in particular who retweeted and reposted one of my posts about her at Hal-Con! It was so exciting. It helps make doing all that work worthwhile. Plus, I really love it and have discovered, this is seriously important to me. I don't think I have ever been more tongue tied than I was talking to her and that never happens to me. I love that she is a self-made superstar and entrepreneur. So inspiring.


Suzie Ridler said...

Well the visuals I have seen so far Jamie and stunning! That is a lot of projects on the go right now, you are a superstar too. Wow!

Late add from me.

Shannon said...

I love that picture prompt Jamie, it's is so gorgeous! I'm so impressed with how much you are working on and the amazing goals you have set and I can feel the determination in you to get them done! I hope it's not to taxing to go back and fix the settings (if you decide to) :)

I'm so excited and impressed that you met Yaya Suzie! Talk about amazing, who would have known that several months ago when we first started talking about Heroes of Cosplay that you would end up MEETING the one and only Yaya! Wow!

PS: Late Add From Me. I promise I'm working on getting better at not being late!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement! I really appreciate. I am working with a fierce determination right now and loving it.

Suzie, that's amazing! How wonderful that Yaya shared your post. It's been awesome to see you immersed in Halcon. I know it took a lot out of you but it's also clear it gave a lot to you too! I love the phrase Self-made Superstar!

Lol, that pic is so timely, Shannon! That's awesome you got to the local library and have access to e-books again. It's so weird that they don't send an email to let you know that your card will expire. That should totally go in the suggestion box!

Suzie Ridler said...

It really is stunning Jamie, well done! Yay for fierce determination!

Shannon, until the show, I didn't really know who she was! Amazing how things can change and inspiring people literally come into your life. I had no idea I would actually get to meet her.

So happy to hear you got your library card renewed. So great to get ebooks now. I agree to the suggestion box idea!