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Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013


Another day tucked into the computer. This time my focus was on bring Prosper to life, a workshop that brings together dance and journaling to open us up to what we need in order to prosper. It's the same format as Thrive but this time with a focus on prosperity. I felt so focused yesterday and got tons done! I'm going to have to start taking pictures of me at the computer. And then, me at the computer. Oh, look, me at the computer ;)


Nothing says awesome like shutting down everything for the day, only to find out your computer needs to install 15 (!) updates. Oh my.


What a crazy day I had yesterday! Epic Hal-Con podcast with Shannon for Hexed and mammoth post about Gunn from Angel and I also got a mystery box reveal video done. I am so excited that I am back helping with book reviews from Random House Canada. I can not do all the recipe reviews but I realized I can still share cookbooks with others and find out what book is a good fit for whom, especially for holiday shopping. And yes, that is a Walking Dead cookbook parody called The Snacking Dead on top. Love it!


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, your graphics are always so beautiful and I love that you are doing another workshop and that this one is geared to prosperity. Absolutely wonderful!

Shannon, man, that is a lot of updates. I hope you managed to go to bed with those going on in the background and not have to stay up late waiting.

Late add for me!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, the Snacking Dead! I can't believe it. Looks like you'll have plenty of great cookbooks to explore! That's awesome.

And Shannon, oh, yeah, I know that feeling! I remember once that happened with my netbook as I was supposed to be boarding a plane! What a drag!

Thanks so much for the feedback, Suzie. I'm glad you like the images. That makes me feel really good.

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Jamie! I am super excited about it. I really loved working with Random House and am glad I came up with a way I could do so.

You are welcome Jamie! You have such a beautiful style of design and how you put together your brand and themes. It's wonderful.

Shannon said...

I love the image for Prosper, Jamie! And it would be fun to see a series of being at the computer...another successful, productive day at command central!

Wow, Suzie that was a crazy super productive day for you! I and looking forward to checking out the Mystery Box reveal! I'm glad that doing giveaways and some reviews is feeling like a good fit, yay!!!