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Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30, 2013


What a blissful time hanging out with Shannon last night, catching up on some shows and surrounding myself with creative projects! I just had to laugh when I noticed I had supplies for (at least) 5 different projects laid out around me - what a creative mess! It was great to complete some projects, start some more and even get fresh yarn from Shannon. Thanks, Shannon! We also had a treat of Old Time ginger beer - and that is how a pirate found his way to my supplies!


I put up my interview about moon cheese yesterday. Boy these make me nervous and I'm not sure how many people want to watch them so I am assessing whether or not it is a good idea to keep doing them. In part I want to because it is so challenging for me personally but if there is very little interest...

Reg said that he enjoyed it but did mention I get so serious as I listen. Not sure there is anything I can do about that because I find listening so challenging. Lots to think about. Most important thing is? I did it!


Suzie Ridler said...

What a perfect sounding night to me! Love it Jamie and that you two got to hang out and have such creative fun. I can relate to the "many projects at once" situation and adore that a pirate came out to play with you.

Late add from me!

Shannon said...

It's so true Jamie! You had so many projects and materials and creativity flowing everywhere on Friday! And all weekend! It was awesome to see :)

I thought the interview was really good Suzie and you don't seem serious to me. And technically at that time I would imagine the viewer would watch the person talking? It sounds like you are interested in doing interviews so it's all about making it work, and I think this one does. Way to go!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh good, thank you for that feedback Shannon! I'm glad I don't look too serious. See, what's what I did, I watched Brent and didn't look at myself. Thank you for the encouragement. Maybe I will keep doing them!