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Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013


Yes, it's another rewind but that's really what I did all weekend long! I was tucked into command central going through pictures just about all day every day this weekend. That also meant lots of movies from Girls Just Want to Have Fun (which I can't believe I have never seen!) to Freedom Writers. An inspiring weekend, for sure!


Being absorbed in helping with the slides process all weekend was infused with watching lots of awesome movies with Jamie, and this gem of The Magic of Belle Island was such a treat.  Never had heard of it, but was so happy we took a chance on it.  Very inspiring on so many levels.

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Shannon said...

I love this picture Jamie! It's been so wild to see so many of the slides, and to see so many moments in Mom's history that I didn't even know about. I'm still processing it all, and I think it will take quite a lot more processing!