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Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 25, 2016


I absolutely love this picture! It was a magazine pic from who knows how long ago (like the 90s) that I had in storage, and I put it in my magazine journal that I'm using for Journal Club. It's been really cool to come across pictures that I picked out so long ago, or ones I choose last week. I am loving having this journal for Journal Club! Every week is a surprize, just like every week what comes up is a surprize! So much fun.


I have been commissioned to write an article about garnishes so that has been my priority and I had some successes and some failures. This was a success. Roasted lime coconut! Burned my sunflower seeds and the bacon turned out great. More photoshoots tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Wow, congratulations Suzie!!! I'm so happy for you getting a commissioned gig. that is soooooooooooo exciting!! And did you do the "lime and the coconut" dance for that garnish? Hehe. I hope the article goes swimmingly from here on in :) You can do it!

Suzie Ridler said...

That is gorgeous Shannon! I immediately wondered if you painted it. I can see why you held onto it and am so glad Journal Club is being so much fun.

Thank you Shannon! Been working so hard on that gig and am pretty happy with the results and hope they will be too. I even went out and got soup bowls for one of the images. Oh I should have done that lime and coconut dance! :)