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Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017


Justin and I started celebrating our anniversary a day early! This is one of our new favourite ways to celebrate - take our special day off and go out for dinner the night before, that way we can sleep in and feel relaxed on the morning of! We went down to the Distillery District for a wonderful Winterlicious dinner and were delighted to also enjoy the Light Festival. It was great to get one picture that captures just how happy we are.


It was a day of getting some some outside to do's done, and while not all were fun a bright spot was seeing these two doggies. One of them even came over to say hi and every so gently stood up and put it's paws on my knee and let me pet her. It was a very sweet moment.


I bought these glasses for the Ridler drink photos for my book. The blue one I got was probably too small. It was such a bright but chilly day, I wanted to get out and about so I went to VV and then off for a hike with Reg around the golf course in our hood. They are forecasting snow starting Friday and Reg came home with a flat tire. Got to the market today for produce but are still in desperate need of a grocery shop which is now much more complicated. What a day.


Shannon said...

Those are awesome glasses! They will be perfect for your book. That sucks that it looks like you will be getting another bout of winter weather. Gah! I hope you get to the store before the snow happens.

ps Late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Shannon, they are just the cutest. I am so glad you shared a lovely moment. I can almost feel what those little paws must have felt like.

Those glasses are great, Suzie! You've managed to score some great stuff for your photoshoots!

Late add for me.

Suzie Ridler said...

Happy Anniversary Jamie! Smart to celebrate the day before and relax the day of, nice!

Shannon, what sweet little doggies! I am glad you had that lovely moment.

Thanks, yes, got some treasures for photos. Almost time to start making the food and get going with it.

Shannon said...

That's an awesome picture of you and Justin, Jamie! I think starting the celebration the day before is a wonderful way to enjoy the day(s) as much as possible. So cool that there was a light festival going on there! You two look so happy :)