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Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017


I'm still feeling very sore today so I kept things pretty low key, including reading (shock, shock!), and also finally caught up with the Richard III with Ian McKellan in it. It's such a crazy story, by Ian McKellan is great, as is Maggie Smith and Jim Broadbent and a few actors I didn't know. OH! But Carson from Downton Abbey was in it, he was good too. Kinda brutal story though, eep. I need something with unicorns next. Suggestions are welcome!!


I wish I could have gone for brunch to McD's to confirm that it is now available all day starting yesterday but I was too busy. Today would have to do. That said, not all breakfast items are available!


Shannon said...

I'm so glad that they have done this Suzie! They used to cut off their breakfast so early, you'd be left with having to get a burger at 10:31. What a great change, I'm sure lots of people will be happy.

Shannon said...

Oh I spoke a little too soon there, sorry to hear not all of their breakfast items ar available. I don't think I've ever had a McGriddle, I used to always get McMuffin. At least they have hash browns - those are definitely a widely known favourite.

Suzie Ridler said...

Sorry to hear you have been sore Shannon. Glad to hear you got some rest and got some reading and movie-watching in. Oh I love Carson from Downton Abbey! I don't know anything about the Richard plays, never studied the historical Shakespeare plays I'm afraid but yes, something light might be a good idea. Anything in the teen genre that appeals right now?

You know during the week days breakfast was only served (if I remember right) until 9:30! LOL. No way I could make that. I love their pancakes and their egg McMuffins so the McGriddles lets you get to enjoy the flavour of both. It is genius and it really works. Those hash browns are crazy delicious too.

Shannon said...

Whoa... the breakfast was only served until 9:30 there? Man, I don't know what they are thinking, other than if lunch items are more expensive. I am so glad they made it later, even if they don't have everything at least there are some options - although it's not great marketing to say "finally we are diong what you asked...with some exceptions". lol.

The Richards bookmark the beginning and end of the long arc of the majority of the history plays from Shakespeare, starting with Richard II to Richard III (and lots of Henry's in between). I think Richard III was my fave to read, but Henry V was best adaptation. I did just watch Bandslam, and that kind of lifted my spirits. I like that movie a lot!