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Friday, December 9, 2016

December 9, 2016


Thank you so much, Suzie, for Lynda Barry's book. When I look at even the cover it makes me think of hwen I was a girl and in books like this I would look so closely at every page, drinking in every image and noticing every detail. I'm excited to have that kind of look at this book!


I'm continuing to try and read some poetry, and this is the second from this years Governor General's list that I've tried. I was so excited about the cover, it felt very fantasy-meets-reality but the poems are all very centred in reality and quite serious dealing with love, loss and addiction. It's amazing how emotionally charged just a few words on a line can be. This one was a very intense read, but also had some lighter-'n-clever ones including one that was in the style of airline flight announcement about marrying the person to your left. That one really got me. I wonder what I'll read next.


Remember that sketchy place I was telling you about in my hood that you can get booze at? Looks like they are opening up a big store soon. At first I was excited but then I thought, well, they might not sell the wine I like and having a big liquor store in the hood might not be a great thing? I took this photo on my way to the library across lots of ice. We do not have the infrastructure for this weather so damn it, warm up!!! Only for the last season of Downton Abbey the day before a huge snowstorm would I make this trek.


Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, that is a very misleading cover! I can see now why a lot of Canadian poetry anthologies have serious and landscape-focused covers because I think it suits the poetry more. Very cool that you read it though Shannon!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I'm so impressed with your poetry exploration. Intense is often a word that goes along with poetry. It's such a concentrated art form.

I hope that place turns out to be less sketchy than it seems, Suzie. And wow, talking about sketchy - that weather! I hope you get back to more reasonable Vancouver weather soon!

Late add for me.

Suzie Ridler said...

So happy you are enjoying the book! I used to do that too, look for all the stories, nice. :)

Oh the weather continues to be wintry and horrible. Getting rain now after all that snow but it's going to get cold again. I'm afraid Nova Scotia winter has found me.

Shannon said...

Ohhhhh that book looks amazing Jamie! So much to look at! Great pick Suzie :)

Wow, that Liquor Store sign is so... like... right out of a movie! I hope it's a good thing for the hood, and great you will have a place to get it for ingredients. That sucks it's so icy though Suzie, I'm impressed you got out and got your Downton Abbey! I am seasons behind in that one!

Heh, no landscapes in this poetry! It was a lot more visceral and internal and wow. I gotta find a good resource for understanding poetry structure better, and what makes it the different kinds. I sense an exploration coming up!

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, it reminded me of bar scenes from the show Reaper. There is just a neon light in the window that says "Booze", LOL.

Wow, no landscapes eh? How non-Canadian but sounds powerful!

Shannon said...

Ah! I never caught Reaper! Always sounded like a good one.