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Friday, December 23, 2016

December 23, 2016


Yesterday was my traditional "wrap stocking stuffers and watch King Arthur" day. It took a while for the kittens to take interest but eventually, they were right there a part of the action - my little elves.


Okay, I think I've done way to many successive posts of the view being the TV, haha! I guess that's where I have energy to pull out my phone these days. And this time it was wrapping marathon and Harry Potter. It's funny, I thought I would finish Lord of the Rings, and then I thought I would watch Elf, but when it came down to it I wanted to watch Harry Potter. But, all that said. It's good to have choice! And it's good to wrap presents!


Getting the car out of the ice and snow is unbelievably stressful but we got out and got to the bank, bought booze (mostly for cooking) and holiday food. So glad that is over! Still have to go out tomorrow and pick up some treats for Reg and some veggies but OMG, can't wait to get some rest. And by rest I mean cooking and baking non-stop for the next few days. Better than everything else we've been doing!


Shannon said...

Awwww Jamie's little helpers! So awesome for the kittens to (eventually) keep you company for your traditional wrap & King Arthur day Jamie! I am sure they will look forward to it again next year!!

I'm sorry to hear the ice and snow have made getting out and about so stressful Suzie. Sounds like most things are taken care of and you can now go into cooking therapy mode!! I hope it's restful and enjoyable holiday here on in.

Suzie Ridler said...

Love the holiday views! Cats and wrapping paper, Christmas tree and Harry Potter. Funny it took a while for the kittens to get into the crazy holiday spirit and Shannon, whatever works and I like that you got to watch a bunch of your favourite things during this time.

Me too Shannon. Tomorrow it's just making the turkey breast and dinner, I think I'm good to finally get some rest.