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Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016


Wow, what a great celebration! Yesterday was so much fun with two birthdays and some Christmas too.  Shannon was an amazing host, even making two cakes for the event. I am devouring this raspberry special. Thank you, Shannon! (Yes, I had some for breakfast too) Plus we got to put up and decorate a tree too. A fabulous day!


Birthday celebration time! Two cakes for two birthday celebrants: Jamie and Dad! I made a cake for each of them, chocolate raspberry for Jamie and cocolate-vanilla-cherry for Dad. Of course, we all had a piece of each in the end. It was a day full of good company and started the holidays off in a wonderful way. Plus: Christmas Tree! I'm sure I will share many pictures of that through the month!!!


My big adventure this weekend was getting out to the Etsy Market in North Vancouver. I had only a couple of hours of daylight and had to take a bus, the Skytrain and then the Seabus across the water to North Vancouver which shocked me that I could do on the weekend in less than an hour. It was a fun event and I am happy with my coverage. I ended up meeting some pretty cool people too and eating the most fabulous spiced truffle on the way home. Did not start raining until I got back into the city. For here, that's pretty damn good.


Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful job on the cakes Shannon and so lovely for you to make TWO of them! Saw your tree on Facebook and it looks so lovely. I might be inspired to put up a tree early this year.

Shannon said...

Wow, what an awesome adventure Suzie! And what a trip, Seabus! Wow! Did you have to take that both ways? I am thrilled to hear that you had a good time and got to meet some cool people. That is a sooooo cool!

Two birthdays, two cakes! It seemed only fair. Although now I seem to have a lot of cake left....

Shannon said...

Raspberry special!! I think that will forever be the name of that cake!!! I am so glad that you had a good time Jamie, it was great to be able to host the celebrations and I think we all had a good time. And it was so nice to work in some Christmas goodness in, I am absolutely loving the tree! It is soooo pretty :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Shannon! Yes, off to another adventure and this time completely solo over the ocean! LOL. Yes, you have to take it both ways. I was happy to find out it's only 15 minutes across the harbour.

Raspberry Special, huh, I might have to get the recipe from you Shannon! I bet you were a fantastic hostess.