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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016


This is one of my favourite pictures of Shibumi because it really looks like her. I love her linebacker stance, especially because she's so wee! Yesterday was a good "get stuff done" day. I got to the gym, did some writing and an interview, worked with a client and did a big tidy-up because my mastermind group is coming over on Thursday. I'm so excited they'll get to meet the kittens. Well, if they don't hide. (the kittens, not my mastermind ;))


It was super fun to celebrate Alien day by watching both Alien and Aliens. I actually was out earlier in the day and ended up being pretty tired and fell asleep during (both!) of them. Oh my. Getting old!


Tuesday was a much different day. A lot of it doing errands, cooking, cleaning... All very exhausting stuff. No time or energy for creativity so I decided to at least get something fun done I would put my name on all my own clay tools so I could take them to open studio without people thinking I stole them. I have been watching way too much Grey's Anatomy because I keep thinking I want to be the Christina Yang of the clay studio when it comes to being meticulous and ambitious but have the heart of Izzy Stephens and none of Meredith Grey's sad issues, LOL. Can you tell I can't wait until I go back on Friday? Until then, more Grey's Anatomy...


Suzie Ridler said...

What a fantastic photo of Shibumi! It's hard to tell she is wee, she has such a personality. I do hope your group gets to meet with the famous kittens and yay for getting stuff done.

Shannon, I love that you watched the Alien movies, even though you fell asleep. You could probably recite them both anyway!

Shannon said...

That is such a beautiful portrait of Shibumi, Jamie! You really captured her beautifully, I love her linebacker stance and then that head tilt..such a cute combo. And she is still so wee!! I hope all of the kittens come out to visit your masterminders! Sounds like a busy time :)

I used to label my tools too, Suzie! It's one of those things that seems a little OOT at first, but when a moment of any kind of questioning happens... it's clear who they belong to. Yay to prepping for open studio!

Shannon said...

OH, and I could easily recite the films. Aliens in particular. Alien is harder because Brett mumbles and Parker has such a specific way of speaking it always take me a bit to get used to him in anything!

Suzie Ridler said...

Yes, it does feel a little OOT Shannon but it felt good too. Which is weird for me. I am impressed you could recite any of Alien (I knew you could do Aliens) and didn't realize that Brett mumbles, LOL. I have to watch the first one again although I always stop when they get to the part in what I think of as the maze.